Is my skingrowsback product covered by warranty?

Yes, all skingrowsback products are covered by a manufacturers warranty for the first 5 years, if a product fails as a result of poor craftsmanship then it will be repaired or replaced. This does not cover general wear and tear. Please contact us if you have a warranty issue.

How do I know if I’ve voided my warranty?

Your skingrowsback product is not covered:

If you take a fall.

If you fall on it whilst running, climbing, skipping, dancing.

If you are intoxicated and can’t remember what happened to it.

It falls out of a moving vehicle or is hit by a moving vehicle.

If it is dropped from a great height.

If it has been set fire to or frozen.

If you use it to carry a dog or other living creature.

If you wedge something between a structural bartack and a seam (that's an important one).

If you connect a shoulder strap into a compression strap or reconfigure the straps any other way than it was intended.

If you are not the original owner.

If you modify it.

We reserve the right to refuse a warranty of any of our products if it looks like they have been misused or mistreated in any way.

Keep in mind materials wear out and fade from exposure to direct sunlight.  Velcro stops working after many cycles, materials get holes in them if you drag them along the road, coatings come off over the years and buckles break if your buddy stands on them, it's unavoidable. Contact us if you have any questions regarding a potential warranty issue. Please do not send your product back to us without prior communication.

Check out or Terms of Service for further information on skingrowsback.

What if I need to return a skingrowsback product?

Information on returns can be found here.