MATERIALS BREAKDOWN - This is a brief explanation of why we select certain materials for their given application. We aim to educate our customers so they can become more informed about the products they are using on a regular basis.

1000D exterior - hard-wearing and abrasion resistant.

70D Ripstop interior - also hard-wearing but light enough to use as a liner.

1680D Ballistic Nylon - again this material is hard-wearing and abrasion resistant. Its density is higher than 1000D.

Why do we use two different types of webbing on our bags? This is because they are required to do different jobs.

Polyester webbing used on the shoulder straps, front panel and side compression straps is stiffer than the webbing used for the adjustable parts. This is what we refer to as “low traffic”, it tends not to move through the hardware much. The density and stiffness of this webbing makes it compliant, this is good for attaching our modular components too.

Nylon webbing. This material is good on “high traffic” applications. It runs smoother and lasts longer.

DURAFLEX® hardware has been selected as it is an internationally recognised parts brand that manufactures high quality components. The design teams do an incredible job of innovating hardware that is one step ahead of its competitors.

YKK zips are used in our products because we believe them to be one of the best zipper manufactures in the world. Zips are one of our primary fasteners and it makes zero sense to cut this corner.

HD Mesh - This is used on pockets and supporting panels. Its heavy weight means it can go the distance and the weave allows you to see through it.

Air Mesh - This material provides a cushioning effect while also allowing air to circulate.

EVA - We use EVA for its ability to rebound fast, it is used in our backpacks and shoulder straps.

Magnetic hardware is used because it’s cool, simple as that.