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How long will it take to receive my order?

This depends on the type of product you have ordered, please check our production lead times for the latest information. Shipping within Australia usually takes 2-4 working days, please allow 6-10 days for Western Australia. Please keep in mind that these are estimates supplied by our shipping carrier, once it leaves us we have little control over the exact delivery time.


International Shipping times:

North America: 10 - 14 working days

Europe and UK: 12 - 16 working days

Asia: 8 - 10 working days

NZ: 4 - 6 working days

Rest of world: 12 - 16 working days

Please do not set your clock by these times. We are extremely efficient at working through our online orders each day. Many of our products are made to order this means occasionally with high order volumes we are working overtime to service promptly. Please take into consideration these are the shipping times. The delivery time is the production lead time plus the shipping time.

If you are purchasing to a timeline then please order early.


Can I get custom colours?

Yes, if they are listed in the colour options. There are constantly new materials and colours being added. Be sure to contact us before you order to discuss the possibilities.


Why is TYPHON more expensive than other colours?

The Typhon print is the IP of Kryptek and is under license. The Typhon material is considerably more expensive per meter to import.


Why is MultiCam more expensive than other colours?

The materials are considerably more expensive than standard colours. The are also express air freighted due to the low purchase volumes of these materials.


Why do the same reviews appear on other products?

Our reviews are sorted by product type and not colour, we believe our customers are reviewing the product itself and not the colour. This give potential customers the opportunity to see a review that would be otherwise lost in hundreds of individual SKU codes.


Where can I buy skingrowsback products?

Here is a list of our retailers


Can I get free stickers?

Yes, if you send us a stamped addressed envelope to:


PO Box 713


NSW 2539


A free sticker is included with every purchase.


If I buy a skingrowsback product can it be returned?

If it's a custom colour item then unfortunately not. If it's a stock colour then yes, providing it hasn't been used in any way and is fit for resale. Here is the full breakdown of our returns policy.


Can I have a skingrowsback product modified?

We do not make modifications to our existing products.


Can I have a custom product made for me?

We do not make custom products.


Can you fix my old bag?

We only fix skingrowsback products.


Our impact on the environment

The recycling processes at skingrowsback are extremely thorough. The wide product range helps ensure that various parts of patterns fit inside the off cuts of larger ones. Even the pieces that don't fit into the smallest components get used to reinforce areas of high load and stress, almost every scrap is used.