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skingrowsback Plan B Micron cycling saddle bag White ds
skingrowsback Plan B Micron cycling saddle bag White back
skingrowsback Plan B Micron cycling saddle bag White nds
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Plan B Micron Saddle Bag White - wholesale

Available for wholesale

RRP - $67.00 AUD

The Plan B Micron is a scaled down version of the Plan B. This discreet unit mounts under the saddle and around the rails using a 25mm strap with a clever magnetic hook to secure it. The PU coated zip and 1000D nylon construction makes the Plan B Micron water resistant, the 300D liner backs this up. There are 2 HD elastic loops inside for stowing a multi tool and a CO2 canister leaving just enough room for a spare road tube and tyre levers. The Plan B Micron carries bare minimum spares, you could probably squeeze your front door key in there too.


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The Plan B Micron saddle bag White has the following features:

White 1000D Nylon exterior.

Black webbing.

Black 300D Nylon interior.

Black PU coated YKK zip.

Black Zipper Pull.

2 x Black HD Elastic Loops.

1 x Black 25mm mounting strap with magnetic hook.

Dimensions 100mm x 80mm x 55mm.

Volume 0.4 litres.

Weight 80g