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skingrowsback Laundry Bag Mini black HD Mesh technical cycling apparel wash travel


$22.00 AUD

The Laundry Bag HD Mini helps prevent abrasion in the wash from some of the more technical sporting apparel. It also helps keep garments with velcro seperate from other clothes in the washing machine.

The Laundry Bag HD Mini can also go in the drier, they have superb colour fastness too. This is not your average mesh bag.

The Mini size is designed for washing full finger gloves and other items of a similar size.

Need something bigger? The XL and XXL are large enough to store dirty clothes on weekends away.


This LAUNDRY BAG HD MINI is made to order, please check our current production lead times.

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Laundry Bag HD Mini Black has following specs:

Black Polyester HD Mesh.

Black zipper pull.

YKK® RC zips.

Dimensions: 235mm x 235mm (9.2" x 9.2")

Weight: 130g

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