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skingrowsback laundry bag hd mesh aus camo full set


$84.00 AUD

The Laundry Bag HD Complete Set in Aus Camo has the entire size range from Micro through to XXL sizes.

These HD Mesh Laundry Bags help prevent abrasion in the wash from some of the more technical sporting apparel. It also helps keep garments with velcro seperate from other clothes in the washing machine.

These Laundry Bags can also go in the drier and have superb colour fastness. These are not your average mesh bags.

The XXL size is designed for washing larger garments such as race pants. They are even large enough to store dirty clothes on weekends away. The Micro and Mini sizes are better suited to smaller items that are likely to get lost in the wash like helmet liners.


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Laundry Bag HD Micro Aus Camo specs:

Dimensions: 235mm x 135mm (9.2" x 5.3")

Weight: 70g


Laundry Bag HD Mini Aus Camo specs:

Dimensions: 235mm x 235mm (9.2" x 9.2")

Weight: 130g


Laundry Bag HD Mid Aus Camo specs:

Dimensions: 375mm x 375mm (14.7" x 14.7")

Weight: 200g


Laundry Bag HD XL Aus Camo specs:

Dimensions: 475mm x 475mm (18.7" x 18.7")

Weight: 250g


Laundry Bag HD XXL Aus Camo specs:

Dimensions: 625mm x 625mm (24.6" x 24.6")

Weight: 300g