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The Laundry Bag HD Mesh has been in the product line for a number of years now and it is safe to say they are thoroughly tried and tested. With a number of variations and subtle tweaks we have arrived at a happy place with this simple, functional and highly practical piece of carrying equipment.

Laundry Bag Mesh HD skingrowsback mapei

For those of you thinking “what’s so good about a laundry bag?” allow me to explain. I know I’m stating the obvious by saying you can store your dirty clothes in them, but it needs to be said. That’s the primary function. The HD Mesh allows air flow which lets the contents breathe, anyone who has ever stored dirty clothes in a plastic bag will understand why this is a good place to start. The secondary function is you can wash your dirty clothes in them, I know you don’t need a laundry bag to do this but you it really helps when you have technical sporting apparel like skin suits, BMX race pants, full finger gloves and helmet liners. At our house everybody rides bikes from track to MTB and BMX race. We have a broad selection of riding garments which we are constantly wearing and washing. The various size Laundry Bags really help organise the washing and sorting process. I personally wash my cycling clothes in them, dry them and store my kit in them for my next ride, this helps keep everything together. If you drive to your trail, track or spot then it make packing the car more straight forward.

Laundry Bag Mesh HD skingrowsback mapei

Here are a couple of suggestions for which size bag is suitable for what garments.

Micro: cycling helmet liners and fingerless gloves.

Mini: full finger gloves.

Mid: full face helmet liner.

XL: skin suit or kit.

XXL: BMX race or Downhill pants.

They also have the added bonus of being able to go through the drier. I still have one of the originals which is pushing 5 years old now. I placed them side by side with a brand new one the other day, there is virtually no difference is the colour or the wear. The HD Mesh is really a massive amount of overkill for this application but it does the job well and stands up to the test of time. The colour fastness of this mesh is incredible, I’m not sure if it’s even taken much of a knock from all the UV exposure its had over the years. Have a look at the shot I took, the old one is on the right.

Laundry Bag Mesh HD skingrowsback black

Here are a couple of other nifty tricks I’ve discovered whilst using them. 1, you can stand on the XL‘s or XXL‘s if the ground is dirty or damp which in itself doesn’t sound like much until you have a wet sock. 2, you can throw all kinds of stuff in the washing machine without fear of it being destroyed. Soft esky bags, certain footwear and other bags have been through the machine on a quick cold wash. If you’ve got a family you’ll know how much laundry you go through, anything that make this process easier is a win. We have a saying “if it doesn’t go in the machine, it doesn’t belong in our house”.

Laundry Bag Mesh HD skingrowsback mapei

There are 19 different zipper pull options to choose from so you can add your own personal flavour. All HD Laundry Bags are made in Australia and come with free global shipping.

Here are the dimensions for the HD Mesh Laundry Bag:

Micro: 235mm x 125mm

Mini: 235mm x 225mm

Mid: 385mm x 375mm

XL: 475mm x 475mm

XXL: 625mm x 625mm

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